We are changing the way energy is sensed.

Sensing energy efficiency

By understanding the human needs and business challenges and push technology to its limits to intelligently serve them.


Stepping away from old, technology-centric view, Seensy offers a human-centric approach and helps design a new environment in which energy becomes visible and at service of the user and business challenges.


Seensy energy efficiency management solutions learn with its artificial intelligence layer, adapt to changing circumstances, integrate additional information sources (like social media buzz, etc.) and can therefore develop accurate forecasts and react accordingly.

innovation boosting

Combination of behaviour change psychology and communication with smart cutting edge technology in form of time and goal defined actions, called power campaigns, creates an environment for innovation in corporate culture, branding and business development.


The solutions have already been implemented in several pilot projects in Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Greece solving most different challenges for smart buildings, energy providers, street lighting and electric car charging.

We develop tools able to create ecosystems in which all power sources seamlessly co-create an optimal performance - on human, business and technological level.


Shaping the Energy Management Information Systems market.
Savings are only the logical consequence of the change in mindset.

Based on 10+ years of R&D experience on deploying emerging technologies such as Big Data analytics and Internet of Things in various domains (energy, mobility and manufacturing) Seensy builds on technology of a successful research project called NRG4Cast and several international pilot implementations in the field of Energy Efficiency, founded by the European Commission through the FP7 framework programme. 
The core analytic technology which has been successfully used for several customers like British Telecom, Accenture and New York Times and the knowledge and experience gained in many projects have been adapted and optimised for the challenges of the energy efficiency management. Seensy intelligent solutions represent the next generation of energy management information systems in combination with various applications and services to ensure also the useful interaction of all involved users and their behavioural change and in this way optimise the effect of the technical solutions and business performance.

  • corporate culture, branding and business efficiency ... + savings


Thomas Fiedler

Dipl. Ing., Mechanical Engineering and Economics in Vienna, 15+ years of experience in the restructuring, start-up and operation of companies in the B2B business, especially in the IT and telecommunications industry as former CEO of an Austrian Philips joint venture.

Simon Mokorel

Business Development
BSc, Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, R&D in automotive industry, co-founder of more companies from complex product design to regional development and last years focused on development of technology for cognitive network and its implementation.

Kostas Kalaboukas

Operations and Product Development
Diploma in Production Engineering and Management in Crete, MSc in Total Quality Management in Piraeus. 13+ years experience in the software industry as quality assurance in commercial projects and project manager in large scale research projects for smart cities, manufacturing, logistics and ebusiness.

Urska Starc-Peceny

Strategy & Communication
PhD, education in Slovenia, Italy and Austria, Phd in Business communication in Salzburg, 20+ years working experience in strategy, communication and storytelling of Innovation & the New in most different fields, co-founded more companies in Europe and Middle East.

Mitja Jermol

R&D, Cooperations
MSc, Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, R&D on cybernetics, CAD-CAM systems and AI in different roles, current head of the Centre for knowledge Transfer at Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia and UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Learning.


Energy efficiency management*
10+ years of R&D on deploying emerging technologies (big data analytics & IoT in various domains), output of an FP7 EU project, core analytic technology successfully serving many customers, now optimised to revolutionise the energy efficiency management market.

We have upgraded our intelligent solutions able to learn, interpret Big Data, predict and optimise the energy flows assuring savings up to 30% with so called power campaigns to foster change in mindset. We want to build the missing bridge and involve community and human power, in order to boost the efficiency up to 50% and drive innovation to help our customers reshape their business models and become leading players in the markets that are yet to emerge.

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